Angles around the Drums

Angles around the Drums

This is an excerpt from my books "Angles around the Drums" Volumes One and Two

The principle here is based on the following diagram .....

.... taking the following diagram of four drums and two cymbals, you can "draw" an angle each hand would play ..... use your imagination!!!

Each of the two volumes contain exercises based on a series of 30 Angles concluding with ten fun and challenging solos putting the ideas into practice.

.... the following slide show has five examples .... try them out and then "draw" your own ..... have fun .... that's an order!!! :)

Book One introduces each angle with an exercise around the drums,
followed by a series of ten "Sketches" which are "loose" solos
guiding you through the possibilities of this concept.

Book Two is a comprehensive working of each Angle (one angle per page) using singles, doubles and paradiddles,
then ten dedicated solos of an advanced nature taking the concept
into an open ended co-ordinational love affair!