Chris Quinlan f.dip.a

An Audio/Visual Biography


600th episode of Melbourne Musos - The Drum Show

Nominated for Australian of the Year awards.

New Compositions for Solo Drumset, Percussion Ensembles and various other concoctions posted on my YouTube Channel Playlists.

30 Drum Shows, episodes 590-620


45 Drum Shows, episodes 546-590

New book Playing Drums for Little Ones released.

45 Drum Shows, episodes 545-590


After 500 episodes, changed name of Melbourne Musos to "The DRUM Show" ... now airing interstate.

45 Drum Shows, episodes 501-545


500th episode and 15th Year of Melbourne Musos TV Show

46 Melbourne Muso Shows, episodes 454-500

MMDC Book Project Completed: All MMDC Drumset Manuals have been revised, updated and released.


2009 Project: All Drumset Manuals are being revised, updated and released as completed.

The M.M.D.C. is launched (Melbourne Musos Drumset Curriculum)

Resigned from ANZCA (all positions) February 18th 2009

21 Melbourne Muso Shows, episodes 431-453


Melbourne Musos 400th Episode goes to air (February)

30 Melbourne Muso Shows, episodes 400-430


33 Melbourne Muso Shows, episodes 366-399

Drumset Workbook Series (a set of four accompanying workbooks to the Drumset Manuals)
Modern Bass Technical Workbook
CQ's Guitar Book Preliminary/Grade One
CQ's Guitar Book Grades Two and Three

"Performer Diploma Book"
The final instalment of a twelve year project ... the Drumset Examination Syllabus and accompanying nine books.


45 Melbourne Muso Shows, episodes 321-365

Visited Portugal, Spain and London, researched the music of Flamenco and the art of Dali, Turner and Picasso.

The Drumset Examination Syllabus now being used throughout South-East Asia

Modern Bass Syllabus (revised and prepared for 2007 release).

Received "Fellowship Diploma" (f.dip.a) for Composition, for the creation of the Drumset Examination Syllabus and Books; a ten year+ project.

Returned to writing for Orchestra after many years ....

CD063 - Symphony No.1 in C
Listen: 4th Movement of Symphony One

CD064 - "The Inner Child" - a ballet in three movements
Listen: 1st Movement Listen: 3rd Movement

CD065 - "Orchestral Oddities"
- a series of works for various instruments, includes "String Quartet No. One"
Listen: String Quartet 1st Movt.
Listen: Babel (for Orchestra)
Listen: Threnody (for piano)


Melbourne Musos 10th year on Channel 31

45 Melbourne Muso Shows, episodes 276-320

The Right to Play
... a discussion paper dealing with controversial Council procedures towards "noise complaints" in regards to music students practicing.
(Please note: This paper and the further discussions with the Mayor and staff of the City of Hobsons Bay, Victoria, culminated in the Council changing its policy; in short, the paper worked.)

Drumbooks ....

"Hands of Steel"
"The Organic Polyrhythm & DVD".
"The Numbers Game"
"A Game of Cards"
"Drumset Duets - Volume One"
"Drumset Duets - Volume Two"
"Twenty Polyrhythms"


45 Melbourne Muso Shows, episodes 231-275
Angles around the Drums - Volume One
Melbourne Musos nominated for "Special Achievement Award" at the 2004 National Community Television Awards
Short Films "Claustrophobia" and "The Bells"
Short film "Three Vignettes" .... Hooked, The Bridge and In and Out
Drumset Manual Grade Eight
CD - 049 - Chris Quinlan - Drum music 2004 - Drumset Journal


Drumset Manual Grade Seven

DVD - Four Short Films

featuring Tree Girl, When words fail, Return to the Scene & Moider @ Seething Beach.
"Tree Girl" nominated for best short film in the "Urban and Outback" category of the 2003 Melbourne Fringe Short Film Festival
"Four Short Films" screened at the National Gallery, Canberra.

DVD - The Karl Karma Trilogy

45 Melbourne Muso Shows, episodes 186-230 (including the 200th)
Guitarist for stage production "Annie"


Drumset Manual Grade Six
25 Melbourne Muso Shows, episodes 161-185
CD - 048 - Chris Quinlan - Drum music 2002 - i played today
Guitarist and Contractor for stage production "Little Shop of Horrors"


The PANDORA archive of the State Library of Victoria lists The Chris Quinlan Website as a website "of national significance".
Writer/Interviewer for DRUMMER Magazine
10 Melbourne Muso Shows, episodes 151-160
CD - 047 - Chris Quinlan - Drum Music 2001 - Post Industrial
Percussionist for stage production "The Wiz"


Melbourne Musos wins inaugural MCTV award for
"Most popular educational program on Australian Community TV"
Drumset Manual Grade Five
28 Melbourne Muso Shows, episodes 123-150
CD - 046 - Chris Quinlan - Drum Music 2000 (25min) What doesn't kill you ...?
Percussionist for stage production "Godspell"


Drumset Manual Grade Four
Billy Cobham endorses Drumset Syllabus
24 Melbourne Muso Shows, episodes 099-122 (including the 100th)
... change show format to dedicated drumtip show .... ratings soar ... go figure ....
CD - 045 - Chris Quinlan - Drum Music 1999- why is a river never straight?
CD - 044 - Chris Quinlan - Drum Music 1999 - insert pompous title here

The Zappa Instrumentaale play their last gig in Sydney
CD - 043 - The Instrumentaale - The Final Fling - Live in Sydney
Listen: Desk-tape of the whole show, warts and all!

CD - 042 - Chris Quinlan - Drum Music 1998/99 - Percussive Therapy
Percussionist for stage production "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"


Toured Europe (Paris, Netherlands and Germany) filming and sitting in with Zappa Bands, "Tinsel Town Rebellion Band" and "Dancin Foolz'"
Solo spot at the Ultimate Drummers Day Expo
13 Melbourne Muso Shows, episodes 0713-0812
CD - 040/041 - Chris Quinlan - Drum Music 1998 - Stream 1&2

CD - 039 - Monica Doyle and Chris Quinlan - Lust Monday - (spoken word and drums)
Listen: Lust Monday Collection Excerpt (M.Doyle/C.Quinlan)

CD - 037/038 - Chris Quinlan - Drum Music 1998 - Post Paris 1&2
Percussionist for stage production "Kismet"


Drumset Manual Grade Two
Drumset Manual Grade Three
25 Melbourne Muso Shows, episodes 0601-0712
Trilok Gurtu, Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan, Tribal Tech, Virgil Donati, David Jones among those featured on "Melbourne Musos" as guest artists.

CD - 036 - Jackson Thornburn Quinlan - Picture Pending
(original trio "primus meets ornette coleman")
Listen: Pending 1 Listen: Pending 2 Listen: Pending 3

CD - 035 - A Trio of Collaborations - 1996 - '97 - (an eclectic mix)
Listen: Zarb (Havrillay)
Listen: Duet (Neville/Quinlan)
Listen: Trio (Thornburn/Zeiss/Quinlan)

CD - 034 - Chris Quinlan - Drum Music 1997 - Ugly Tree
Gain equipment endorsements from
DW Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks and Evans Drumheads.
Appeared at Sydney's Drum City "Drum Camp" as featured artist
Introduce musical private detective Karl Karma to Mixdown Monthly as well as musos advice column Poppa Chris, Listen to this!
Percussionist for stage production "Annie get your gun"


The Drumset Examination Syllabus and the
Drumset Manual Preliminary/Grade One released.
50 Melbourne Muso Shows, episodes 0203-0513
Terry Bozzio, Allan Zavod, Ensemble Modern, Dom Famularo and Fairport Convention among those featured on "Melbourne Musos" as guest artists
The Instrumentaale begins two year residency at "The Club"
... is featured on Optus Vision (cable) and ABC "Access all Areas"
CD - 032/033 - The Instrumentaale - Instruclause Two - parts 1 & 2
CD - 030/031 - The Instrumentaale - Live at the Club Parts 1 & 2
Listen: The Instrumentaale Live, no overdubs and no mixer!

Solo drum spot at the 1996 Ultimate Drummers Day Expo
Endorsed by Sonor Drums
Dom Famularo endorses the Drumset Syllabus
Begin writing Drums Up column for Mixdown Monthly
Percussionist for stage production "The Flower Drum Song"
Build new house and studio in Seabrook, Victoria


Melbourne Musos TV Show first airs on Channel 31
10 Melbourne Muso Shows, episodes 0101-0202

The Instrumentaale

... forms from the debris of The Band from Utopia
Allan Zavod, Richard Piper and Kate Kendall feature as guest artists with The Instrumentaale.

Become a National Music Examiner
Commissioned to write a national Drumset Syllabus and companion books, (a ten year project begins)

CD - 029 - Chris Quinlan - Drum Music 1995 - Recurring Themes

CD - 028 - The Instrumentaale - Hard ones to play!
Listen: Uncle Meat Listen: Little House I used to Live In Listen: The Black Page #1 Listen: Echidna's Arf Listen: Peaches 111

CD - 027 - Chris Quinlan - Dial a Drum Lesson
... a short-lived venture giving drum lessons over the phone ..... hmmmm bang my drum, you savage rascal!!! xoxoxox
CD - 026 - faArKuUs - fAnFAre fOr tHe cOmMoN diCKhEaD!!
(emerson lake and palmer meets zappa in a cheap hotel!)
Feature on Garry Havrillay's "Camouflage" album
Percussionist with musical production "Quasimodo"


The Band from Utopia

... playing the music of Frank Zappa.
CD - 024/025 - The (aussie) Band from Utopia plays Zappa - parts 1 & 2
Listen: The Band From Utopia - Live
...featuring Zappa Classics ... Dirty Love, Filthy Habits, Joe's Garage,RDNZL, The Black Page #1 ... and more
Listen: Zappatrek Promo


CD - 023 - Chris Quinlan - The Caliban - originals
Listen: Too Close to Touch (C.Quinlan) vocals: Robyn Lemke

Beltane breaks up
Gigs with "Take Five" Jazz Quintet


Louisa leaves Megwyn, Band renamed "Beltane"

With 85 bands competing, Beltane wins "Clash of the Titans" Battle of the Bands Competition
CD - 022 - Beltane - Kiss of the snake
CD - 021 - Beltane - Banshee
Listen: Banshee (K.Wood/You (C.Quinlan)



... another original band I liked playing with featuring Louisa John-Kroll
CD - 020 - Megwyn

Listen: Exiler (L. John-Kroll)

The music Louisa writes is simply beautiful;
her website address is ...


Opened new music studio in West Footscray
Taught and played Drums, Guitar and Piano
CD - 019 - City of Essendon Band


Commissioned to write music soundrack for SBS-TV project "Can of Worms"
Joined "The City of Essendon Brass Band" as percussion section leader; tours and concerts

CD - 018 - Keyboard Music
Listen: Track 31

CD - 017 - Soundtrack Music
Listen: Track 01

CD - 015 - Guitar One
Listen: In the depths of dreams

CD - 016 - Guitar Two
Listen: Ssshhh

CD - 014 - Piano Music
Listen: Black and Red

CD - 013 - Solo Piano
Listen: Track Four

CD - 012 - Can of Worms - SBS-TV soundtrack
Listen: Opening Theme
Listen: Rain Music / Troubled
Listen: Troubled
Listen: Wish we were still at Maryvale


Freelance Musician and Teacher


Featured in one hour special on 3-PBS FM's "Melbourne Composer Series"

CD - 011 - Chris Quinlan - Piano Sonata (piano: Linda Koovaris)
Listen: Farewell Player Piano
Listen: Subtle Overtone
Listen: Notre Dame

... continue piano studies with Linda Koovaris


Double Standards

... sounded something like Frank Zappa meeting the Dead Kennedies with Nina Hagen as guest singer
... go figure.

CD - 009 - Double Standards - Is this commercial potential?
Listen: First time/ Cruddy Punk Tune #9

CD - 010 - Double Standards - Decadance
Listen: I want Pearls

Misericord, an avante garde jazz trio
CD - 007 - Misericord
CD - 008 - Misericord - the sequel
Listen: Prosperine


The Spiders of Destiny were a studio band of collaborations.

CD - 005 - The Spiders of Destiny - Volume One
Listen: Maladroit

CD - 006 - The Spiders of Destiny - Volume Two
Listen: Sketch#3

CD - 004 - The Spiders of Destiny - Cruddy Punk Tunes
Listen: Weazels bite my bum


Build first studio and record incessantly ....

CD - 002/003- Retrospectives I & II - 1980-85 (a mix of classical, avant-garde, hard rock .... I had to put my bits and pieces somewhere!)
Listen: Two Poles

Music co-ordinator of the 1981 and 1982 Saltwater River Festivals
Begin Orchestration Studies with Peter Pearce; some of this material eventually found its way into the first movement of 2006's "The Inner Child" ...


CD - 001- Trio Arcane - Live @ 3-PBS Radio Theatre
Avante Garde Jazz Trio which Jazz Critic Adrian Jackson called ..... "the most outstanding young jazz band in Melbourne"
Listen: Prelude

Member of Composer Ron Nagorcka's new music ensemble, based at Footscray Community Arts Centre

Part-time roady for visiting jazz musicians, ECM star and Miles Davis' bassist Dave Holland being the "he's my hero!" moment to remember ....
Begin teaching drums at Troy Music Footscray.
Major Influences: Frank Zappa, Jack DeJohnette, Cecil Taylor, Anthony Braxton, Miles Davis, Stravinsky, Bartok, King Crimson, Free Jazz and 20th Century Classical Music.


Summer Jazz Course at Victorian College of the Arts; max out first credit card on jazz records and become a dedicated starving jazz musician.

Gigs with .... Bob Sedergreen, Margaret Morrison, Garry Costello, John Toth, Doug Devries, Jex Saarelacht, Ken Schroeder, Mark Fitzgibbon etc ...

Become involved with the Footscray Community Arts Centre; begin teaching drums and co-ordinating concerts and music nights.


Join cover band "Archer", play the Broadford Bikie Festival, get out of there alive only because some of the bikies remember me from the pub.

Assistant manager of an Essendon Record Shop, which exists solely on sales of "Grease" and "Saturday Night Fever" albums; meet Jazz singer Margaret Morrison.
Move out of home ...


Signed up for Violin lessons by parents (no choice) in 1970; started out ok but lost interest after one too many put-downs by the teacher; I did everything I could to get out of lessons but knew I wanted to play "something"; found the drums in 1972.

Discovered Keith Moon, John Bonham and Ian Paice .... my path was set!
Started lessons with the infamous Harold Ripper in 1973.

Bought a guitar and chord book, I could already "read" music from violin lessons (I have to thank that cranky old violin teacher for something) so "transferred" the notes to guitar.

Added Jethro Tull, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes and Frank Zappa to a growing list of music I was in awe of ...

Four albums that were turning points in my life:

Jethro Tull - A Passion Play
Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery
Frank Zappa - Roxy and Elsewhere
The Who - Quadrophenia

1975: Played the school rock concert; the band was crap, but I got to play my first drum solo, everyone clapped; the school bully stopped picking on me, copped a pash from a skinhead chick who liked me but got sprung for smoking.

Early years

... apparently my first beer.

... apparently my first girlfriend :)

My Dad, John James Quinlan ran two major Melbourne Hotels in the 1960's; The Prince of Wales Hotel in St.Kilda, where I spent my baby years;

... then onto The Dan O'Connell Hotel in Carlton where I grew up; (the pic shows my bedroom window) ... my main influences at that time were the Carlton Football Club, The Beatles and The Monkeys.

In the mid 60's; Dad opened up the beer garden for the Prickly Bush Folk Club and started the Dan O'Connell's grand history of being the central Irish Music Venue in Melbourne; he also brokered a deal with various Bike Clubs and through his strength of character; succeeded in making the Dan O'Connell Beer Garden a "neutral zone" for "The Bikies" (The Huns, Coffin Cheaters, Donald Ducks etc .. )

This is where I grew up and made my pocket money washing glasses, changing ash trays et al .. you name, I did it

This is also where my passion for music and art kicked in, listening to folk music four, maybe five times a week, some of the best musicians in the country were regulars there; Dad also had a good friend who ran the Princes Hill Art Gallery on the opposite corner, so there were many art shows in that beer garden which was originally the storehouse for the grog; my playground! (me and my little mates would make castles and fight imaginary battles with spitballs in that beer garden, until the folkies took it over!

Dad retired from the pub game in 1976; he still has the record for the longest serving publican in that pub; sixteen years ... others have come and gone and tried to change history, but it was my dear old dad that turned "The Dan" from a rough mongrels pub in 1963 to the once proud mecca for all things Irish. (Including pasionate feelings about the then "troubles" in beloved Ireland)

It wasn't all fun and games; It got a bit edgy at times; saw many a drunken fight over a lost pool game (and more).