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The Drumshow Book Series

Chris Quinlan's Drumset Manual series was the first book series of its kind in Australasia to provide a complete and combined book and syllabus series for the Drumset. First published in 1996, it has gone on to become a standard in Australasian Drumset Education garnering endorsements from The Australian Chapter of the Percussive Arts Association (P.A.S.) as well as its use and support by drumming greats Dom Famularo and Bill Cobham. Used throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, the book series starts with a preparing students of Primary School age right through to University level pieces.

Playing drums for little ones
Especially designed for little ones, beginning with clapping, beginning to draw notes, play beats, learn funny names like "paradiddle" and having lots of fun around the drums :)

Drumset Manual Grade One
A no nonsense start to the drums explaining basic reading, rudiments and rhythms including; single and double stroke rolls; paradiddles; triplets; rock beats; blues beats and shuffles; basic jazz and latin.

Drumset Manual Grade Two
Dealing with flams, drags, ruffs and rolls; sixteenth note rock beats; Around the drums with rudiments and fill-ins with rock, jazz and world rhythm solos.

Drumset Manual Grade Three
Dealing with advancing snare technique; sixteenth note rock beats with 1/16th note triplets; linear style; accents; hip-hop; rolling shuffles; paradiddle rock beats, jazz and african rhythms.

Drumset Manual Grade Four
Dealing with continuing Snare Technique including the 40 P.A.S Rudiments; Ostinato Patterns, Jazz Development, Latin Rhythms and Double Bass Drum with an emphasis on the history of these rhythms.

Drumset Manual Grade Five
Dealing with New Concepts in Hybrid Rudiments ; extensive paradiddle based rhythms; more latin rhythms; odd-time rhythms and stickings; double bass exercises and grooves; with thirteen solos to keep you busy as hell!

Drumset Manual Grade Six
Grade Six deals with polyrhythms against two; Quintuplet and Septuplet Stickings; ParadODDles; Brushes, Reggae and World Music (Celtic and Burundi) with 17 solos

Drumset Manual Grade Seven
Dealing with Polyrhythms "against three"; Advanced snare techniques; Jazz Polyrhythmics; "rates" in five and seven; solos in five and seven; practical and possible ostinatos; more double bass drumming .... 20 Solos ... beyond VCE... beyond TAFE ... you beauty!

Drumset Manual Grade Eight
Dealing with Polyrhythmic Time Signatures; Polyrhythms "against four"; Nested Polyrhythms; Linear Jazz Stickings; Linear and Layered soloing styles .... 20 Solos ... this book makes you dead sexy!

Drumset Performer Book
This book represents the Final Instalment of a Fifteen Year Project to complete a comprehensive Syllabus for the Drumset.

The Drumset Music in this book represents the "Open End" of Melodic Solo Drumming. The Solos include all aspects of the material covered in the Drumset Manuals Preliminary to Grade Eight; This includes Improvisation, Polyrhythmic techniques, Metric Modulation, Melodic Ostinato and Exotic Rhythms. A Truly Challenging Book.

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