Humanity, The missing flight
by Chris Quinlan 21st March 2014

The missing flight (background: Malaysian airplane carrying 200+ people goes missing in March 2014, at the time nobody knows what happened despite many conspiracy theories, the largest search and rescue mission in history is mounted).

There is a sadness here I can't describe, all of us want to be surrounded by our loved ones when we go off, I've said to every ex wife and girlfriend that I want to go out drumming or rooting! but this is sad, flying home, perhaps some explosion, then we all go out without oxygen, pilots frantically pushing auto pilot buttons to get everyone home before they pass out as well.

It looks more like it was everyone dead on board for a further 5 hours until the fuel ran out, the closest an agnostic can come to saying a prayer, who the fuck would want to go out like that?

Meanwhile our Australian Prime Minister Abbot dons his spectacles and makes his political yards looking sincerely perplexed, I actually believe him, I am the polar opposite of his politics, but I believe him, his religion has helped to kill us all, I know because many of us are survivors of "the strap" and those other belittling abuses, but the little it teaches our current Prime Minister, also helps our current Prime Minister in his perplexity on how to behave, so half mast go his glasses in Australian Parliament question time today.

There are no politics in this, why is half our world mounting the biggest search and rescue in world history for that missing flight that has perhaps ended up at our West Australian doorstep where they spend so much culling nature but so much more searching for those that are missing?

Because it takes us away from what is happening in the Ukraine?


Because it takes away the amount of people having their mortgages foreclosed because of Ford, Holden, Toyota, SPC, QANTAS?


It's because it is like you and me, you and me who could have been Jill Meagher having that extra drink within walking distance from home in that pub or in that airplane just hours from home.

It's because we can't blame anyone. It is our humanity.

It is our bipartisan link to being human, and we hate ourselves for it because so many of us have been trained to separate us from what it actually feels like to feel.

We have been trained to alienate.
It is a part of our natural sense of self preservation.

That's why we spend so much time selling useless shit to people who can't afford it, and then bankrupt them for believing you.

It's not our fault because we have been trained to listen that it is not us or relevant to us.

But that is a lie and it is that self loathing in us that is our truth.
Deep down, none of of us want to be blamed but it really is us that condones it. So we blame ourselves and that is much worse.

Self Loathing?
How many debt collectors take to the drink, and worse, knowing full well they have bankrupted four families that day because Dad is $1000 behind on a payment? Knowing that the same debt collector spent the same $1000 commission on getting those bankruptcies on a back row seat on a cancelled Rolling Stones Concert Ticket?

Cancelled because of suicide?

We search for answers and are willing to spend millions to find a lost airplane. And rightly so.

We spend billions on an Olympic ski trip, then send thousands to a war not in our name based on a crass lie,

We kill each other for it and hardly blink an eye?

I wish the world was swarming with search and rescue missions. It makes our world a safer and better place and it is the only thing I know that brings enemies closer together to a common goal.


Chris Quinlan f.dip.a is a musician, drum and guitar teacher, and producer of Melbourne Musos - The Drum TV Show and author of the MMDC Drumset examination syllabus used throughout Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. He has written for Beat, Mixdown and Drummer Magazines. He was nominated for the Australian of the Year awards in 2013.