Schtik Twerlin an Shpellin'

hello chris; just a small e mail to let you know that i am still diggin your show on 31 and to also show you how mutch my spelling has inproved. (you remember me? the good spella fella) any how chris ; i wona know how to twirl the drumstick for show purposes only. no chris im not a wanka but ill turn into 1 if i dont learn because i sit there trying but to no avail. i realise showing me over the e mail is pretty hard but im shore we can work out sumtin. by the way ,the drummer out of living color will cobourne i think his name is, very good to listen to. ok thanks chris and forgive me for not using CAPITOLS. from rob livin in melbun orstralia

hillo robert kriss hear wid some tups on schtik twerleng an sbetter schpelling git da schtik an poot de midel bit bitwein yous indix an muddle foingers .... den flik yous wrizst as if yoo wavin lik de queen hers self ..... hopefooly yoo shood hav de schtick movin aroun as iif its de twirlin alla ze beast wid yoo effarts schpiel togever agin reel soom liek chears! poopar krys